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Fundraiser Programs

Prize Pick Up Information

Wednesday, Jan. 8: Jean Shepherd Center (3031 JF Mahoney Dr, Hammond, IN) between 7-9:15 P

Thursday, Jan. 9: Jean Shepherd Center (3031 JF Mahoney Dr, Hammond, IN) between 5 pm and 7:15 PM

Friday, Jan. 10: Lansing Christian School: 3660 Randolph St, Lansing, IL between 5:30 and 6:30 PM

Please email if these options do not work for you. 

Please bring a photo ID to claim your prize. If you wish to have someone pick up for you, please text them your ID to show us at pick up. When entering Jean Shepherd Center, you will need to walk into the gym area and ask for Ryan Summers with volleyball.

Prizes must be picked up by Jan.31, 2020 or they will be forfeited.

Epic Fundraising Opportunities 2019-20

Epic United is extremely proud of our variety of Fundraising Programs, which allow many of our athletes to pay a significant (if not all) portion of their fees through these activities.

With the exception of the club wide Holiday Raffle, all fundraising is a personal choice, with the proceeds going back to the specific player's account.  
Programs scheduled for this season include but are not limited to:

Epic Playday Raffle - This raffle runs October - December
Each player is required to sell 50 tickets. $4 of every $5 ticket goes into players account for a profit of $200 for every 50 tickets sold. 
T Shirt Fundraiser - Runs throughout the season

Over the previous 6 years, the sponsor fundraiser has been the most successful year in and year out.  Most players who participate get a third or more of their dues with this one alone.  Every year we have several player who get their entire dues covered with this fundraiser.  I strongly suggest you give it a try.
Sometimes business connections that you might have are a great source, though we've also had kids just walk into businesses and ask to see the manager.  We had one girl a few year's ago pay her entire amount without any help from her parents, but obviously parental support is better.
Think of any business that would like to advertise to 600+ families, especially families with high school and junior high daughters.

  • Medical professionals
  • Insurance salesmen
  • Dining locations
  • Fast food locations
  • Prom stores (dresses, tux's limo's flowers)
  • Clothing shops
  • Home improvement businesses
  • Home décor businesses
  • etc etc etc

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Sale - Order by Nov. 15, 2019

Purchase a carrier of rods for $36.  Sell them for $1 each and you keep all profits.

More fundraisers will be offered as well!
To participate in a fundraiser, or for more information, please contact Tracy Summers at