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Fundraiser Programs

Prize Pick Up Information

Prizes must be picked up by Jan.31, 2020 or they will be forfeited.

Epic Fundraising Opportunities 2019-20

Epic United is extremely proud of our variety of Fundraising Programs, which allow many of our athletes to pay a significant (if not all) portion of their fees through these activities.

With the exception of the club wide Holiday Raffle, all fundraising is a personal choice, with the proceeds going back to the specific player's account.  
Programs scheduled for this season include but are not limited to:

Epic Playday Raffle - This raffle runs October - December
Each player is required to sell 50 tickets. $4 of every $5 ticket goes into players account for a profit of $200 for every 50 tickets sold. 
T Shirt Fundraiser - Runs throughout the season

Over the previous 6 years, the sponsor fundraiser has been the most successful year in and year out.  Most players who participate get a third or more of their dues with this one alone.  Every year we have several player who get their entire dues covered with this fundraiser.  I strongly suggest you give it a try.
Sometimes business connections that you might have are a great source, though we've also had kids just walk into businesses and ask to see the manager.  We had one girl a few year's ago pay her entire amount without any help from her parents, but obviously parental support is better.
Think of any business that would like to advertise to 600+ families, especially families with high school and junior high daughters.

  • Medical professionals
  • Insurance salesmen
  • Dining locations
  • Fast food locations
  • Prom stores (dresses, tux's limo's flowers)
  • Clothing shops
  • Home improvement businesses
  • Home décor businesses
  • etc etc etc

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Sale - Order by Nov. 15, 2019

Purchase a carrier of rods for $36.  Sell them for $1 each and you keep all profits.

More fundraisers will be offered as well!
To participate in a fundraiser, or for more information, please contact Tracy Summers at