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Individual and Small Group Lessons

Lesson Fees

Individual Lesson $60.00 
2 Player Lesson $30.00 each
3-4 Player Lesson $20.00 each
5-6 Player Lesson $12.00 each
7-10 Player Lesson $10.00 each


Players are responsible for finding others to fill the desired small group category.  If less players than the scheduled lesson show up, the pricing will change to the level of players actually taking part in the lesson.

Individual and Small Group Lessons

If you are interested in having your child do lessons, please use the link below to fill out a request form.  Filling out this form does not confirm a lesson.  Confirmation emails will come out after a lesson has been confirmed.  THIS FORM MUST BE FILLED OUT BY MIDNIGHT OF THE SATURDAY BEFORE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SCHEDULE YOUR LESSONWE SUGGEST YOU FILL THIS OUT BY THURSDAY TO REQUEST SUNDAY LESSONS. Location and coach to be determined by the Epic administration. 

All payments due in cash at the beginning of the lesson. All confirmed lessons cannot be cancelled. Cancelled lessons will still need to be paid for accordingly.  

Liam Flaherty

Lessons Coordinator

Phone: 331-465-4670