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Youth VolleyKidz Programs

VolleyTotz, VolleyKidz(s) and VolleyPrep Programs


Two VolleyKidz watch an older team practice

It is the goal of Epic United’s youth programs to help spread the love of volleyball throughout our community. All of our youth programs are designed to shrink the game of volleyball to the child's size, using lighter balls, lower nets, and smaller courts.

This allows boys and girls to learn proper technique and love the game without getting frustrated. Youngsters develop athletic skills through volleyball that will enhance their ability to play all sports.

In addition to volleyball fundamentals such as serving, passing, setting, hitting & rules of the game, participants will improve hand-eye coordination, balance, body awareness, footwork, agility, spatial awareness and communication with an emphasis on "FUN"damentals and TEAMWORK.

Many youth program alumni have moved on to very successful careers with Epic United, DEVA, and Altitude Travel and Travel Elite teams.  

The classes are offered in two areas:  The Eastern Program is an Altitude Program run @ the Diggz, and our Western Program is a Diamond Elite Program that meets at our Western Practice sites.

Altitude Volleykidz

In the volleykidz program, players are introduced to all aspects of the game in a fun and competitive environment. Drills and practices focus on court movement, hand eye coordination, balance, and learning the speed of the game. Players will learn all the fundamental skills of the game including: passing, setting, overhand serving, hitting, and modified game situations. Most of our current elite athletes gained their fundamental skills through the volleykidz program. It is the base training and develops fundamentally sound volleyball players. This class is perfect for young athletes looking to gain skills and knowledge in order to eventually progress into a team setting, which can be done as a 3rd or 4th grader. 

We will use the philosophy "LEARN, PRACTICE, PLAY" to help to make volleyball challenging and fun at the same time.

Due to this being our heavy tournament season, the times may vary slightly from week to week. We will email you if we ever need to have a later start, for this session, we hope to be able to keep the times consistently as stated below.

Volleytotz (ages 4-6):  2:30-3:30 PM - $48

Apr. 29, May 6, 13, and 20

Volleykidz (ages 7-10):  2:30- 4 PM -  $64

Apr. 29, May 6, 13, and 20

Volleyprep (ages 10-12):  4 - 5:30 PM - $64

Apr. 29, May 6, 13, and 20

Camp dates/locations:

The Diggz of Northwest Indiana: 4590 W 61st Ave, Hobart, IN (behind Wendy’s)

Stay tuned for our summer camps!

The Registration "Youth VolleyKidz Programs" is not currently available.

Diamond Elite Volleykids

Our youngest volleyball players soon will have a tryout to attend. It may be a school tryout or perhaps one for club. Either way, it is better to be ahead of the game. Diamond Elite’s skills camp will focus on serving, ball control, & attacking techniques. We will use the philosophy "LEARN, PRACTICE, PLAY" to help to make volleyball challenging and fun at the same time.

April & May Volleykids:

We have decided to have our April and May Volleykids join with the Altitude Volleykidz on Sunday afternoons at the Diggz. If you wish to have your son or daughter attend, please register through the Altitude Volleykidz link. 

Location for April and May: The Diggz of NWI: 4590 W 61st Ave, Hobart, IN 46342 (behind Wendy's).

Please contact Andrea Sullivan with questions at or 708-436-0999

Diamond Elite Locations:

Wilbur Wright M.S.: 8650 Columbia Ave, Munster, IN

Lansing Christian School: 3660 Randolph St, Lansing, IL

Stay tuned for our summer camps and summer league!